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  • How different is print from web?

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  • Trent

    February 12, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Hey everyone, I’ve been doing the website copywriting and content marketing thing in various forms for a bit over a decade now. Lately I’ve specialised in copy and content for tech startups and IT services businesses. Pretty much all the work I get is for websites, and occasionally for email. I’m rarely asked to write copy for printed materials and usually I pass on it. Three years ago I said yes to writing short descriptions for a pizza menu, which is probably the height of my experience. I’ve just been asked to quote though on copy for a mix of web and printed materials for an established IT services team. I’d love to take this one on and to make them happy. I’m great with the subject matter, and they definitely need help with the copy. It’s second nature to me now to think in terms of clicks, how to use whitespace, subheadings and paragraphs for different screen sizes and reading tracks, and the overall head space readers are in when they’re navigating websites. There’d be a whole bunch of similar things to consider with print, right? Obviously, the space you have to use is much less flexible.. beyond that, I don’t think I even know what I don’t know. Any tips, advice, resources you’d recommend? – by /hq/thehandsomegenius – –

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