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  • How do you block a whole entire country?

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  • Deborah

    October 30, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Yes I know VPNs and the easiness of IP changing. I live in Canada and enjoy the freedom to criticize my politicians. Other countries you can’t do that and they block any criticism of their dictatorships. I received notice that some content on a news media website I own and manage violates that country’s laws. Let’s call it The Republic of Sheep, or Sheep for short. My news media website has it’s server in Finland. It’s a .com domain, the domain registrar is in the UK. I live in Canada. So nothing is in Sheep. If I do not delete!!!!!!!! the content immediately!!!!!! , the website will be banned from the Republic of Sheep. I was think of just blocking Sheep, visitors from Sheep will just get a message saying that their government does not want them to access the content of my new media website. How do I block a whole country? I won’t mention the country. If I block the country…what will Sheep residents see? Is there a way to not 100% block? just do a message saying they are blocked and why? TLDR: A Country’s sensitive government (who happens to be a dictatorship) demanded I remove content on a website. If I don’t comply, they’ll block it. I want to block THEM before they block the website). – by hq overview iammiroslavglavic – –

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