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Forums Forums Q & A How do you deal with upset clients and the fear of being a fraud?

  • How do you deal with upset clients and the fear of being a fraud?

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  • Christine

    October 31, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Hey guys. I sell a lead gen service that I basically pioneered the method for. It’s really interesting, when new clients sign up they get really excited because the service is cool. I have multiple testimonials/case-studies from incredibly satisfied clients. A majority of the time my service works, but sometimes it doesn’t. I do some smaller $500-$1500 deals with companies just so we can figure out whether or not my service is a good fit for their business. A majority of the time, when the lead gen service doesn’t work incredibly well for new clients, they completely understand the amount of time and effort I put into their project and still satisfied with the work I’ve done. If something doesn’t work well at first, I try to evolve the strategies and keep testing new methods in an effort to figure something out for their business. However, sometimes people’s expectations are way to high, and expect to immediately receive amazing results. When they don’t they get very, very upset with me. I don’t promise results or a refund (there’s no way to undo the work I did for them) so when people are freaking out at me, even though I delivered everything I promised, I don’t know what to say to them. If they’re being reasonable I’ll take the hit and do another project for them so they’re not absolutely furious, but sometimes I just feel like a terrible person. I’m not scamming people. I have numerous happy clients, testimonials, case studies, etc. So why do I feel like I’m a terrible person when this happens??? I know this happens to alot of people who sell marketing services (SEO, web design, etc) – in-fact, a lot of my clients are in internet-marketing, so you think they’d understand. What do you guys say when the clients are upset with the results?? When this happens I just try to stay firm and I do my best to make them happy. But people can be incredibly unreasonable and it makes me feel like a complete fraud. It’s not like I’m just going to shut down my business because I wasn’t able to get good results for a few clients… especially considering I have numerous other clients who are super satisfied with the work and pay me regularly. It’s not like I’m going to stop testing my service on new industries/businesses and never try to find new clients again. How do you guys cope with the anxiety in these situations? I can’t handle it… It stresses me out. Legally speaking I’m covered (no guarantees or refunds in the contract), but the stress drives me crazy. – by hq overview fuuuck_it_all – –

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