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Forums Forums Business Entrepreneur How do you find out the quality of your idea? Also, why aren’t there more entrepreneurs? Starting anxiety.

  • How do you find out the quality of your idea? Also, why aren’t there more entrepreneurs? Starting anxiety.

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  • Margaret

    August 29, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    How do you safely get feedback on an idea? I’m really smart in some areas, and really dumb in other areas. It is really difficult for me to know whether the idea I have is good or if it’s something I’m going to get weird looks for even bringing up. Hypothetically I could just ask someone in that field whether the idea is good or bad. If it’s a bad idea then no loss. I am worried about if it’s a good idea, then people will take advantage of it. I don’t know how to prevent that. Its really easy for me to complain about problems. But when I have an idea, I clam up. I stop talking. Sending an email is so difficult I almost always cut out the most important information before sending it. Part of the reason that happens is because of the potential consequences. But it’s also frustrating because that means nothing moves forward. The thing that freaks me out the most is the part where I don’t truly understand why other people haven’t tried what I want to do. Some reasons I’ve come up with: Other people just want to go with the flow, and would rather go with the flow than try something new. People go with the flow because those who don’t are heavily punished. (I actually have experienced this in my personal life. I just am not sure what it looks like in the professional world.) People have tried the doing the exact same thing and it didn’t work, and when I try it I will fail in the exact same way. People don’t try because there just aren’t very many leaders out there. People don’t try because it involves taking a lot of responsibility, and people don’t like taking responsibility because mistakes are culturally seen as a terrible and not a normal process of the human experience. People don’t try because they aren’t very creative, and some of my ideas are genuinely new. How many of you relate to this? – by /hq/HeyIgotchu – –

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