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Forums Forums Web Design How do you freelancers balance being a developer and designer? Have you turned down a job due to expectations?

  • How do you freelancers balance being a developer and designer? Have you turned down a job due to expectations?

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    August 13, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    I’ve been programming on and off as a hobby ever since I was a teenager, bouncing between Lua scripting for games I liked to messing around with PHP and Python to work on websites. I began to take development more seriously over the past year and as time has moved on I’ve really considered freelance work. I live in a town where businesses come and go all the time and there are few developers in the area. Securing deals wouldn’t be too hard, especially with some of the connections I have made. My main concern moving forward has been design. My design has always been mediocre, I’ve always been more interested in development. I have recently put my nose to the grindstone (dropped using css frameworks, learned flex and grid, made a few new designs) and have definitely stepped my game up from where it was but I’m still not comfortable enough to believe I can knock out a really good design each time I sit down and try; I worry about leaving clients hanging while I move through trial and error on design. How did other freelancers close this gap? Just repetition? Do any of you come across clients with expectations that lead you to reach to outside help with design? What do I do when a client needs logos and brand development? This is a specialty in design I don’t have time to hone as well. I’m assuming there are freelance developers with varying levels of design. Is it okay to tell a client they need to search for a better designer? Can you contract this part out? How do you build connections with better designers and why do they want the contracts when they can likely land jobs without you? I plan on getting better at design and continue to see improvement, but can I work in the meantime? – by hq overview Dababolical – –

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