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  • How I got one organic B2B SaaS “sale” every 1-3 days after only 3 months

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  • Jessica

    December 11, 2021 at 5:53 am

    TLDR – Getting organic Google traffic and sales for low volume transactional search terms for your new SaaS or startup can be shockingly easy to achieve in a short amount of time. I have been working on a b2b SaaS as a side project for a while, that’s still in development, and wanted to share something that has worked out quite well for me. Maybe somebody else would find it useful. I am a marketer and when i started working on my SaaS side project I decided (based on some advice i saw somewhere) to get a basic site up with some content to start “marinating” it in the search engines so that hopefully I would have some traffic and get a few organic sales by the time the app was ready. To be honest as a paid ad specialist I dont really like SEO due to the perceived time and effort it takes to see the results and the often unreliability of it, but I decided to try it anyway because its logically a good long term strategy for any startup. I just wasn’t really convinced it was the best thing to focus my time on in the beginning, with so much else to do, but did it anyway. Much to my surprise within 3 months the site is on the first page of google for some low volume highly targeted buyer keywords and is getting daily traffic and some “sales”. Over the past few days I have already received 5 attempts at purchasing the app already. I have a “fake” purchase button setup to help measure real attempts to purchase, to help validate the idea. The buy button leads to a simple sign up form. I then have an autoresponder explaining we are not quite ready yet and what the product will be offering soon, but we are adding you to the waitlist and asking for feedback on what features and benefits you are interested in etc. This has worked really well to indicate real purchase intent and for each purchase attempt I have also received a reply indicating their interest in their own words as well as real feedback on what they want. The value of getting purchase intent signals plus real feedback from actual “buyers” is huge. It looks like I could get at least 1 free purchase every 1-3 days at this rate if the app was actually ready, which is a big motivation to get it done asap. My point here however is my surprise at the effectiveness of getting a site ranking while you are still developing the app. The effort an cost put into this was basically nothing compared to the benefits it will now produce moving forward indefinitely and its only going to get better. All I did to get these results was the following: The critical part. I found the best highly targeted low volume buyer keywords for the product, for example “startup competitor analysis tool”. As a Google ads guy I know how to do this right, but if you dont know, educate yourself on this first to properly understand how to find low competition transactional keywords for your product, else its all going to be a waste. This will be easier for some niches than others. It does not matter if if the keyword tools show no or low volume. I already know low /no reported search volume keywords in keyword tools often product significantly more volume then reported in these tools. I have a client making silly money with a high ticket service running exact match Google ads for only a few 0-10 searches per month “buyer keywords”. If a keyword sounds like a logical thing somebody would search for to solve their problem, but the keyword tools report no volume, it most likely has volume. You can easily test these keywords for real search volumes by running a quick Google ads campaign for $50 before doing anything else. For example right now I have only different 2 buyer keywords ranked no higher then position 5 on the first page of Google that are reported to have only 10 searches per month. This is already generating an average of 1 “sale” ever 2 days which is pretty decent for a recurring SaaS product starting at $29pm after having put such minimal effort into the website and SEO. I made a basic landing page type homepage targeting the best buyer keywords for the homepage and added some basic info about the app, as if its already live. Like any normal short app homepage of around 600 words. I created about 8 high quality 1000 word length or more articles for the blog. This is by far the most difficult and time consuming (or expensive if you outsource) part. Here I targeted keywords directly related to the main buyer keywords, more broad and with more volume to get a good spread of relevancy and indicate to Google that this is a good source of niche information for their users. Made sure important trust factors like privacy policies, contact details, address etc are on the site, make the website look like a legit business so Google trusts you enough to rank you. Lastly the only links I generated were a pinterest business profile link, an FB page link and replied to 1 single highly relevant Quora question. I literally did nothing else. I will say here that the nofollow quora link which i added later down the road seemed to have a significant impact on my rankings, proof to me that highly relevant links will help your rankings even if they are nofollow. I will say that nobody else was really targeting these specific keywords, the google SERP results for these keywords in quotes as “exact match” is less than 1000 results so it is a gap in the “keyword market” which is why I probably got results faster then others might experience in more competitive markets, but if you try hard you can usually always find a buyer keyword with low volume and competition. So I am quite surprised how well this worked and goes to show you dont need to do any fancy SEO stuff, as long as you find the right highly relevant low competition transactional keywords in an underserved small niche and create a basic site with some useful relevant content, you could potentially start getting regular sales within only 3 months. The effort was very much worth the result in this case but your mileage may vary. I hope this helps somebody decide if this would be a good strategy for them. Good luck. – by /hq/jayn35 – –

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