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  • How I grew my businesses to generate 30k+ a month.

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  • David

    September 14, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    These two posts were posts I made on FB reposted here A lot of guys i’ve noticed are writing about how to achieve financial abundance and overcome their negative conditioning. As an entrepreneur myself having worked for myself for over 7 years and currently a mid 6 figure earner (working up to 7) I have found the #1 best way to create leverage (hypnosis, self talk, books, transfomational mastery and other great programs help massively) is to put your feet to the fire. No plan B. If you have no other way out you WILL find a way. Don’t rely on your parents, your friends, or anyone else to bail you out. It is 100% on you to make the changes in your life. When it comes to survival, human beings tend to do whatever is necessary to survive…. if you put yourself in a sink or swim, do or die situation you WILL come out on top. Would highly recommend everyone here burn the boats and take the risk. Quit the job/school, start the business, move out on your own, and succeed. I started at nothing and now currently make about 30k a month in my marketing agency which is scaling as fast as I can handle the new clients. PT 2: How I grew my businesses to generate 30k+ a month. A lot of guys over inflate the idea of focusing on the sub conscious mind. I assure you that if I put a gun to your mothers head and threatened to pull the trigger if you didn’t go out and send out 500 messages a day and call 5-10 people a day for the next 2 months until you made 5k$ in sales… You would do it. Unless youre a sick fuck that hates his mom lol. In which case substitute mom for brother, dad, pet rabbit I don’t care. Very often we will do more for others than we will do for ourselves. When my daughter was born 7 years ago… I would have done anything to make money and make it happen. Emotional leverage is what you need, Do or Die. Sink or swim. Don’t be a pussy and you can EASILY do this stuff… the fear of looking bad or getting rejected by someone is what makes you fail in life… because you NEVER EVEN TRY. If you have a niche, or an idea of a product or service of something that could add value to someones life. You’ve sold a couple of them so you have proof of concept (people actually want to buy this thing and have bought it other than friends + Family) Go find places where those people might be… linkedin, instagram, facebook, business mixers, wherever PEOPLE are that have PROBLEMS (they’re fuckin everywhere) Begin speaking with them. Set a standard of saying… I Must Send out 100 messages a day prospecting and speak to 2-3 people on the phone every single day. If you do this for 2-3 months you WILL get sales, you WILL get results and you WILL make significant amounts of money in your business. There is nothing stopping you, I don’t care about what mommy and daddy said to you when you were 6 (believe me my parents told me all the same shit… I do lots of work on myself on the side to better understand their influence on me and totally value the education and unwiring process.) But trust and believe… when you MUST do it… you WILL do it. Don’t believe me? Look at prison system… when people’s hand is FORCED they will do things they NEVER wanted to do in a million years… and eventually they will BECOME a person who does those things. The good news is you can force that in a similar direction in business. Get out there and crush it… You deserve success… fuck anyone that has doubted you in the past… they simply are doing the best they can… but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve massive wealth and success and hot girls. -Brad Holiday – by hq overview 1girldaily – –

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