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Forums Forums Q & A How is it not illegal to lie while you’re selling things through e-commerce?

  • How is it not illegal to lie while you’re selling things through e-commerce?

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  • Christine

    September 14, 2019 at 12:32 am

    I just saw one of the big influencers advertise “ear pods” which are basically the cheap Alibaba version of Airpods. My question is when the fricken count down timers say “sale ends when the timer hits 0” but they don’t even plan on selling it at selling it at a higher price because the “sale” price is the price AND when the time constantly resets itself before it hits 0, how is it legal? It’s clearly a blatant lie to create urgency and drive sales. It’s bullshit but besides being unethical it shouldn’t even be legal. I would understand using a timer to create urgency if it actually meant something, like a legitimate change in price, but it doesn’t. It’s just there spinning and spinning on a constant loop all day everyday for every shopper to see. What the hell? Also the reviews are clearly made up, there’s no way in hell cheap $30 wireless earbuds have only 5 star reviews when even the best in the wireless audio world receive criticism. Not to mention the “___ are watching this product” and “____ orders are being filled” stats they give you when trying to sell you the product. If you ever try dropshipping, there are specific plugins designed to make up numbers for this so they can propagate these lies and fake reviews for the sake of sales. How the fuck is that legal? – by hq overview jadondrew – –

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