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  • How long should it take to get a Marketing job after graduation?

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  • David

    October 30, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    Graduated in August, left my home state and moved out to the Austin, TX location where I’m currently staying with my parents looking for a job in the city. It’s almost November and I’ve had a handful of phone interviews, one in-person interview, and I’ve got some more set up for the next couple weeks. But my parents are on my case everyday because they don’t understand that it’s all a process. Apply 100 places, maybe 10 of those places will contact you expressing interest. Get phone interviews, maybe 5 contact you afterwards for an in-person, then if you’re lucky you get a job offer from 1 or 2. In between each step it takes WEEKS to move forward with each step of the hiring process. Parents want me to get a job at like a grocery store part time or something while I’m applying for a “real” job because they think it looks bad if you have a long employment gap after graduation? But employers want to see RELEVANT experience. If I put grocery store clerk on my resume that’s going to help with exactly nothing. I’d rather put all my time and energy into finding a job that I spent 4 years of my life getting a degree for. – by hq overview csickk – –

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