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  • How much discrepancy between Native Ad Platform and GA is tolerable?

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    July 12, 2022 at 8:13 am

    As most seasoned advertisers probably know already, the way an ad platform counts a click varies from platform to platform, but also varies with how GA counts a session/UU – so there is always some discrepancy expected; but how much is too much and warrants an investigation? Latest campaign I have been running, I’ve been seeing a worrisome large gap between reported clicks on the platform (FB, IG, Adwords (YT), TikTok) and sessions in GA attributed to those campaigns – thru UTM tracking. I am talking about 60% difference on average, where for every 100 clicks reported on the Ad platform, I am seeing 30-40 sessions reported on GA. Is this the new normal due to tracking issues on mobile/privacy laws, or does this warrant reaching out to Ad Support? The issue is that they will always point me back to the usual ‘GA and Platform track things differently’, so I am not sure if I will get any answers that way. On the flip side, is this an indication of a festering of invalid clicks ramping up on the Ad platforms? Would like to hear everyone’s opinion; especially seasoned Digital Advertisers! – by /hq/Slausher – –

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