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  • How relevant is image SEO for you?

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  • Jacob

    October 26, 2019 at 11:03 pm

    I have seen only a few posts here regarding SEO for images. I have been doing some deep research into SEO for media files over the past few months. It actually started off out of curiosity. I am a tech guy and with all those AI and machine learning stuff out there and working with those tools along with BigData via the Google’s own GCP platform, I was actually curious to know the specifics of how images are being used by search engines technically. The things I understood are that Google’s brains are more advanced than ever and algorithms have even started to explain how they work on images. Previously algorithms could work using data to get the desired result. For example, classifying an image as “a cat” or “an astronomer”. It can now explain how it reached this conclusion! When Matt Cutts from Google, in 2014, was asked about the importance of metadata in SEO, he gave a vague answer like it is upto Google to decide whether to use it or not. During my research, I understood that Google used to use this even during 2011 and in fact at those times this data was displayed to users publicly. Of course, they later removed this public viewing feature in Google Images. Peter Linsley, the product manager for Google Images was once asked about it, he replied that he was a huge fan of metadata and they were looking at ways it could be used especially since its adoption was rising over coming years. It is not just the usual search engines that make use of these data, other image related services as well make use of it. Eg: Photodeck, Shutterstock. SEO community hasn’t yet embraced this fact yet wholeheartedly. But, I have seen marketers making use of this when they started to understand that YouTube was reading this data from uploaded thumbnails and videos. When SEO gurus talk about optimizing images as a critical SEO factor, they go on to talk about captions, alt text, compression, schemas and file name. There are factors more than that because technology is not stagnant, dear “Gurus”. Images are no longer just another value addition to a post or textual content. They carry semantic similarity. Search engines have grown to a stage where, they understand what’s inside images with better accuracy. Ever noticed why top videos in YouTube carry a keyword on their thumbnail? For SEO purposes! In fact the piece of technology at work there isn’t just semantic similarity, but Optical Character Recognition(OCR). Even images in your blog post are seen by image analyzing algos of search engines similarly. Additionally they can even take into account semantic similarity between images and surrounding text, not just captions and alt text. And by the way there are people who try adding metadata to images especially for local SEO and use a cloud compression tool like kraken or ImageCompressor. The things is, these compressors remove the metadata to reduce size. What do you think of SEO when it comes to images? Do you make use of it for your SEO purposes like blogging or client projects? – by hq overview ubuntugod – –

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