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  • How should I promote and market my new business

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  • Katie

    November 28, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Recently had an idea that I’ve begun work on as a side business. It’s quite hands on maybe 5/6 hours to create each product and I can expend about 25 hours a week on it at the minute with working full time. I’m designing and creating one off pieces of feature lighting. So essentially big ceiling lights and floor lamps for high end customers. Essentially taking vintage items that never were designed to be lights or other items that suit and creating show stopper lights out of these. I have an electrical engineer degree and work in the electrical industry at present. My main concern at present is that I have never ran a business, so due to this I have no idea how to get these products out there or how to get them on the radar of my ideal customers. Social media platforms are a great start however when it comes to selling home lighting at $300+ it’s hard to get many customers from just scrolling past an ad. I just want to know if I’m best starting off with a webpage and try to promote myself through social media locally and trying to expand from that or if I should just create an Ebay store and sell from there. I’m aware that I could do both of these choices at the same time however with so much going on for me I don’t think I could manage to run several different online e-stores at once. The end goal is to try and make this full time but I obviously know I need to start of small and grow from there, but if you were in my shoes which way would you go? Tl;dr: I’m creating my own home lighting brand selling one of hand made products, and have no experience with marketing. What should I do for the best results? – by /hq/Jg0jg0 – –

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