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  • How to approach small business owner about complex idea?

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  • David

    September 13, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    I have an idea for a startup in a somewhat niche space. At surface level the idea isn’t crazy complex, but there are many moving parts and making an MVP would require significant buy-in from at least one small business owner in this space. Most of the businesses in my area are run by lower managers etc. who lack the authority to partner. I’ve found a few of the owners on linkedin and would ideally like to grab lunch and explain to them the idea, and what buy-in I would need from them if we partnered. It’s a lot to explain over a single cold message though, I think I can pitch it much better in person. What’s a good way to reach out to these folks? This is my draft: “Hi Name, I’m an engineer working on a project to help X do Y more easily. Would you be willing to meet for lunch at your convenience and let me tell you about it in more detail? I would love to get your thoughts, and see how this might apply to your business. Thanks!” My concerns with this are: This industry is kind of “non-technical” right now, so I don’t want to give too much information and overwhelm them so they won’t even meet. On the flip side, I feel like it would be rude to include so little information that they are surprised when I ask to partner with them. Any advice on how to do this? Thanks! Note: the partnership I’m requesting is not a sale or anything. It would just be a letter of intent and allowing me to look at some of their data. The data isn’t relevant to the business, collecting this data is a “byproduct” of the business. – by hq overview iocuydi – –

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