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  • How to BOOST Your “Google My Business: Rankings in 15 Mins. Trust Me it 100% Works!

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  • Jessica

    January 16, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    I wanted to give back to this sub. I’ve received a ton of value here in r/startups and I know there is a lot of business owners this will help! In this post, I am going to show you a little hack for your GMB, on how we continuously boost local businesses’ “map pack” rankings, that will 10X your calls, clicks, and impressions. Okay maybe I over-sold it there, but… My latest results we ranked 11 new search terms in a 9 mile radius (top 3) for keywords we previously did not rank for. So, here we go… We are going to do this little trick with video citations and Google drive property stacking but with a twist. Head over to Youtube, signed into the Google account associated with your GMB. Upload a new video. (Doesn’t matter what video you use, nobody is going to see it) Change status to “unlisted” Fill out Title and Description: Title: Company name exactly how it spelled on your GMB Description: Company Name (Exactly as GMB) Company Address (Exactly as GMB) Phone Number (Exactly as GMB) Company Website Get Your Business.Site Address (Go inside your GMB account –>click website–>View Site) Copy and paste. Go to Google and type in your Company name and location, you want your GMB’s knowledge panel to pop up. (Its the Big GMB listing on the right hand side, NOT the 3-map pack) Click on your Knowledge panel, this will open up your GMB maps listing, on the left side, there is a share button. Click–>Share Then, copy the URL it will look like this—> You can trace this URL if you want, because its a 302 for a little more bang, but you don’t absolutely have too, since your are linking a Google property to another Google property. Copy the final URL and paste into your video description. Now here is the hard part were everybody gets confused. Go back to your GMB and right under your company name “right click” and scroll down to “view page source” You will go to a page with a bunch of letters and numbers. You are in the right place! “Ctrl F” This will pull up a search bar. In the sear bar type in—> /g/ Copy the /g/ then the numbers and letters attached to it. It will look something like this: /g/11fnry_02y Take this ID and paste at the end of this URL: In this URL, where is says “KEYWORD” you need to put in your keywords. These are the keywords you typed into Google to trigger your knowledge panel. (Your big GMB listing on the right hand side) It will look something like this:**/g/11fnry_02y** Take this URL, go back to YouTube and paste into your “video description” Now, we are going to want to target our keywords we want to rank for! Type out a 300-400 Keyword rich description, OR just copy and paste a list of targeted keywords. Head over to “location” and type in your address associated with your GMB. This will geo-target your listing, and give you the little blue GPS looking thing under your video. Once, you are done and everything is complete in its entirety… Finish upload Change listing status to “public” and…. The power is unleashed! Want to make this more powerful? Or target specific search terms? Well, you can. Head back over to YouTube and… Create a new “playlist” The Name of the playlist needs to be your company name, typed exactly as it is on your GMB Description: Name, address, phone number, website, and link. Upload your video, and do everything exactly as above, EXCEPT you want to Title your video—> The search term you want. For example, if you wanted to rank for “plumbing company Indianapolis” That is what you want to title your video. Drop the targeted search term into your video description somewhere. Don’t type in the 300-500 words here. Just the targeted search term. Add tags—> Company name and search term Do this 10-20 times, and you hit on 50-100% of the search terms you tried. I hope this post made sense to you guys and gals! It wasn’t the easiest to explain in the written word. I you have any questions drop them below. If you want to see a video tutorial I made a 4-part video tutorial series on this, plus other strategies to use along with this that will get you better results and rankings. I accidentally edited out a segment of part 1 (when explaining the links) and I could not add it back to the video since I uploaded it, so I did a recap in part 2. and in Part 3 I go over how to boost your rankings even more with stacking your G drive properties, geo-tagging photos, how to post correctly in your GMB, add back-lincks to your posts, and interlink your posts properly. I go over much more techniques feel free to check me out! Im still a work in progress, but I promise the value is there. – by /hq/Brock1321M – –

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