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  • How to deal with bad employee attitudes and laziness?

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  • Katie

    May 30, 2021 at 8:58 am

    I run a own a lumber and building materials yard, we do about 4 million a year in revenue, and had an absolute killer year last year. This year is different, prices on everything are so high that our market simply can’t afford anything as we’re in the middle of the hood. As a result things have been dead slow — no where near shutting down or anything, I save for times like this and I’ve been working on diversifying our revenue streams so that we can always weather a storm. I have two managers, a yard manager and a store manager. Both have become incredibly lazy and do absolutely nothing all day besides talk and go on their phones. I can’t fire them because they will probably be happy as they’ll make more on unemployment and working for cash, and I can’t find any employees at all, much less managers. I’m trying to start a commission platform with my POS system, but Epicor is so fucking infuriatingly inept that I’ve been trying to get that going for months and they haven’t made much progress. The store is a mess, the yard is a mess, and all my employees have the head buried in their phones all day. Thank god for my son who just graduated college and is getting almost everything he needs to get done done — but this is irritating him, rightfully so to be really the only of 8-12 employees that does anything at all beyond the bare minimum. – by /hq/JacobTheGinger – –

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