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  • How to get likes back from profile picture i deleted

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  • SocialKings

    December 8, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    He guys! In short: i posted a new profile picture of myself ans got lot of likes, around 120! Now i scrolled in my photo album on my phone and came across the same picture but this one was more clear, the profile picture i posted was quite blurry. So now i deleted the current profile picture and want to upload the more clearer one, it’s not just tiny bit clearer but lot clearer! So my question, when should i post the same profile picture again to get atleast the most likes back? Think when i upload it the day after i deleted it that people don’t like it again because they think they already liked it the day before right? I will first set my old profile picture again that i had before. So how long should i wait to upload the new profile picture again, 1 or 2 weeks or should i wait 1 month? – by /hq/rico1V1 – –

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