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  • How to manage brands in several countries?

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  • SocialKings

    October 28, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    I have recently been hired as a marketing consultant for an established brand, with products in several countries. My main contract with them is focused mostly on branding, strategy, and ecommerce, but I’m trying to give advice on how they should approach their social media strategy going forward as an international brand. Essentially we are trying to strategize the best way to post/market to people based on their country. Although the same product and brand name is in many countries, the packaging looks quite different depending on which country you live in. Australia is the “home” of the brand, but obviously the US is the biggest market for social media engagement. I’ll give a case scenario, which hopefully will help. On their current Facebook page, they have about 20,000 followers. The most engaged ones are from Australia where the brand originally started, but about 12,000 of the followers are located in the United States. If we post a picture of our USA products, the Australian customers will be confused. “Did you change the packaging” etc… Is it best to have separate profiles and pages for each country? I’d hate to lose out on the thousands of followers we have on the current profiles, but if restarting our base is the best long-term solution, then that’s very doable. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance. – by hq overview –adastra– – –

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