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  • How to spin growth due to a marketing campaign as not positive?

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  • David

    October 14, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    I work as a data guy for a company who uses promotions and whatnot to increase product sales. I don’t personally work for the marketing department, but I do help them out with some stats, etc. The promotions do increase sales (around 10% or thereabouts per campaign) year-on-year for the same periods of time; but, they’re not very well-received promotions (i.e. we can flog the goods, but nobody gets particularly excited about it). However, that last statement if fairly anecdotal: nobody is willing to dedicate the resources to doing qualitative research on the promotions. In brief: the promotions are basically brain-farts from non-marketing people. But, these people are very stubborn. They see the 10% growth, and they’re happy. But, the marketing department aren’t. So my question is: how can we spin 10% growth as not necessarily positive? Can any marketing gurus lend their knowledge/suggestions? – by hq overview MrSlipperyFist – –

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