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  • Margaret

    July 13, 2022 at 8:13 am

    Hi, TLDR; Don’t know where to start to make side business and what kind of skills I should train. Another way would be how to get into someone’s business, help them and learn there; I’m (m28) working as a manufacturing engineer in a big company with a decent salary. I’ve worked here only for 8 months now and I’m feeling that this is not the thing I want to do for the rest of my life. Work community is great here but I don’t feel fulfilled with the work to the point that I don’t want to do it at all. I did a similar job to another big company for 3 years. There the community was really hard and cold and the stress level was high. Even though I didn’t enjoy that work, I kinda miss it. Even though the work was stressful I felt that I was needed there and I had more power to do things. Reason for me to leave that job was that the work community was so toxic and depressing that I started to think that it would affect me and make me toxic and depressing too. A lot of people there had a negative attitude and I started to think negatively myself so I knew I had to leave before i’m like them. Through the years I’ve read books like “Think and grow rich” “Rich dad poor dad” “Millionaire fastlane” and these books made me really interested in money making. At the time when I started reading these books I think I read one book in one week. I got very excited about making money and I started to buy shares online. I made a couple good buys and I’m currently +78%. But I noticed that this method is too slow for me. I think I’m interested in money making and want to build skills to do that. I watched an undercover billionaire and especially Grant Cardone and I liked his style of getting into a company and helping it make more money and then getting his share. I know it takes a lot of knowledge and skills but I think I want to start learning those skills. Because I have 3 kids and a wife, I haven’t had the courage and time to try to make some business. But now I have started to think that I want to try something to make more money. I don’t mind if I have to learn a new skill or something, but I don’t know where to start because I don’t know what I should do. But I’m not ready to go to school anymore. I think it wastes too much time and I have a family to look after. What I’m ready to do is to go through some courses or read books or something like that. And i think that if i get an idea or clearer goal in my mind where to aim then i think i can get started. I just feel really lost right now, because I don’t have selling skills so far and I don’t know anyone who is an entrepreneur. What I’m looking for here is that if someone has ideas on where to start and what kind of skill should I train myself with. What kind of business can I start with low risk or how to get into businesses? I think I’ll get a better idea of what I want to do when I get more confident on making money. Things that i dislike: -Writing. I mean writing something long and making sure that there are no grammar errors. So writing something that really needs to be grammarly correct is not my thing. Or something where I’m looking through text so that there are no grammar errors. Things that I’m good at: -solving problems. I like solving problems that my parents have with computers or phones. I also repair phones and some electronics. Overall I like to find the problem and fix it. I have changed the car’s braking saddle so it doesn’t have to be an electronic problem to solve. I also like to solve health problems and look through the internet about what might be causing some symptoms that someone has. -I like to work with people. I like to talk with others and have good conversations with others. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not an extrovert so I’m not a person who is talking all the time. -When I was in the army my rank was sergeant and I liked to lead people. I also had a job where I was summer supervisor and I got good feedback from it, but there weren’t any open supervisor positions so I applied for a manufacturing position. – by /hq/alemale – –

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