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Forums Forums Marketing Digital Marketing How would you market an antique cast iron skillet dealers wares.

  • How would you market an antique cast iron skillet dealers wares.

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  • Neville

    May 30, 2021 at 12:53 am

    Yep this one is a doozy. Started cataloging just in case. I’m at a loss. A website for each piece? Hell naw. He’s is sitting on some 700 pieces. I’m very curious to hear what your tactics might be. We’re currently building a small following to host giveaways on his Facebook page were growing in the local area. I’ve spent a couple of hours at each store adding another tag to his wares, a referral program we came up with to give to your friend or family member to get $10 off another one of my clients products. A Qr code on the tag linking to the FB page where they can be entered for the drawing and give a friend a discount. We made a marketing video going over one of his favorite pieces, how to care for them instructions on how to grill with it, with some decent b-roll. We use this video to market in the local areas zips to build the following to start announcing and hyping these purchases. Were using an tired entry system. Like the page_ 1 entry Purchase a cast iron accessory_ 2 entries Purchase a cast iron under $150_ 3 entries Purchase a cast iron over $150_ 4 entries More planned… Another photo shoot featuring a blurred foreground wilderness background, on an antique platform or sorts (desk, chair, stump, stool… Etc.) And the client is excited about the giveaway – by /hq/vancetank74 – –

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