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  • I am developing an App and need advice how to market it for funding

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    July 13, 2022 at 10:03 am

    Let me start with a small introduction. I have a dream to help as many people as possible. I want to create a place, a “school of life” where people can connect, inspire and make an impact. Where you can learn and exchange experiences about love (love languages and how to express it), happiness, personal growth, financial education, socialising, reflecting on oneself, self-awareness, communication, kindness, feminine and masculine energy, journaling, body and mind connection, leading and listening, financial literacy and other positive wisdom for a better life. Where you can give and receive motivation and inspiration through personal stories and everything that you find particularly motivating and/or inspiring. So to achieve this goal I have been developing an app together with my partner, to make it easier and more accessible. We are launching the first test version of this app in September so we can gather feedback, find investors and get funding. So we can make the app better and we can put it faster on the market. Because yes, 2 people working on this big project. That’s a lot of work, time and money-consuming. So the question is: How do we market the app at this stage? With a really low budget. Where to find investors? And what can we do to get funding? Marketing and sales are not our specialities. – by /hq/LvlupRL – –

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