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  • I created an online course for my business, and whether or not you should as well.

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  • Margaret

    July 10, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    I have a successful “side hustle” where I sell items online. It has consistently made me a comfortable monthly income but I am always looking for ways to add income streams to my life. That’s when I decided to try creating a course on my business. A few things I considered before creating it: How should I structure the course? What platform will I use to support the course? How am I going to advertise it? As someone who had never done this before, I started looking around for ideas. What I eventually decided on doing was creating a google slide presentation with me explaining everything with a facecam. I decided to structure the course this way because it was the easiest way for me to outline the entire process of my side hustle and lecture on it as I went through it. It would also allow my customers to take notes as they went through the course rather easily. Now that I had my content created, I needed to figure out a way to publish it. I wanted a user-friendly platform with low fees, that also had some decent features for its content creators to utilize. After researching a bunch of sites, I decided to use Gumroad. I really liked the overall layout of their platform and I believe it suited my course well. If you are going to sell online content, I recommend using them. With my course set up on Gumroad, I was ready to promote it to get customers. This is where I needed to get creative. I decided to take to TikTok for my main advertising source. I created a profile where I solely talk about my side hustle, how much money you can earn, how to get started, etc. Basically, I didn’t hold back in fear of giving my potential customers too much information for free. I found that the more info I gave, the more trust I gained and therefore the more conversions I had. Another way to promote the course that I recently added was a free guide, I call it a “crash course” where I give out the bare-bones basics on the side hustle. The idea is to get people interested and comfortable enough to try it out, but also curious about learning more. It’s too early to tell how well this free guide will work at converting people to my paid course, but I think it will be a great addition. So far, I really love the online course business. You get to put in all your effort into the content creation at once, and then you can profit off of that same work many times over– it is very effective. If you have a business that you can share some valuable insight on, I highly recommend you think about creating a course for yourself. – by /hq/moterhead120 – –

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