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  • I have an opportunity to distribute an exclusive product, seeking advice

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  • Margaret

    October 30, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    So I have made verbal arrangements for a small first time order to distribute a product in my state. I would be the first bringing it to market here and they brought up that if I can market it well and build enough volume he will make me the exclusive distributor of the product. At worst I’ll be like 1 of 2. It’s a totally new food product that nobody has sold on a commercial scale here, but people still have heard of it. But the thing is, nobody can copy it. Not because of patents or trademarks, but because the ingredients would take years to cultivate. Other countries that produce it don’t have the proper techniques, the product is bland. Brand recognition might be hard for competition to overcome by the time they can produce a product anyway. I think it’s a great experiment. I’m not keeping it secret so nobody steals the idea, I know you guys hate when people guard their posts. More for anonymity. Don’t want people irl too trace my hq overview back to me. My plan is to hit up as many local chain stores as I can. My worry is the national chain stores such as Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. Those I have heard require GFIS certification (food safety). My warehouse and operation just isn’t prepared to do that right now. It could take several months to a year to work on that. Product is scheduled to arrive in 1-2 weeks. Also honestly, my sales skills need polishing. I’ll still try.. but my real question is: Do I look into selling to distributors who already have the in with these big chains? Their sales relationship could be so strong already that they just try anything no problem. Just throw a couple in the next order who cares. I have a few distributors who I think I could sell it to. They would also help with the distribution for smaller customers so I won’t have to deliver tiny amounts to 20 stores. They could potentially multiply my volume easily. The biggest worry is that if or when I get certified, those customers will be off limits. I don’t do business like that, I wouldn’t cut out my middleman’s biggest customers. Theoretically if I successfully get this product popular enough, companies will start hitting me up because I’m the only supply for it. Selling to a distributor gives me a smaller slice of a potentially larger pie. Maybe dealing with fewer customers evens everything out in the long run? A part of my ego also wants me to be doing the sales to these big retailers myself. But I guess we’re hear ultimately to make money, right? – by /hq/Hutongs – –

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