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  • Arianna

    December 5, 2019 at 2:21 am (A link to my first post) ( A link to my second post) ( A link to my third post) ( A link to my fourth post) ( A link to my fifth post) ( A link to my sixth post) ( A link to my seventh post) ( A link to my eighth post) ( A link to one of the posts Adam did) ( A link to to the last post, which Adam also wrote.)

    Finally, I’m back. Spending over two weeks in a coma is not ideal. Still, I have gotten a lot stronger training in the dream world. By the way, Adam, I’m aware of who you’re referring to by “ Female Elves”. You did help save me, though. So I’ll let it slide. Just keep your hands to yourself.

    Jack seems to have grown tired of standing outside and annoying us. We haven’t seen him in a few days. That doesn’t mean we’ll lower our guard, though. No doubt he is busy searching for some way through our defenses. Which is why we have remained vigilant. Duncan has also woken up from his trance and has had a lot to tell us. With that out of the way, I can now begin this update starting with when Duncan and I woke up.

    I opened my eyes to find Krampus and the others around me and Duncan on another bed beside me.

    “I know I was out for over two weeks, but I still feel tired as hell.”

    “Careful getting up. When someone has been bedridden for a long time, it is hard for them to move around upon waking up. The training you should make up for most of that, though. Still, do not overexert yourself,” Krampus said.

    He wasn’t kidding. My legs buckled as soon as I stood up and I fell back onto the bed.

    “I guess I need to let the rest of my body wake up. How is Duncan?”

    “Looks like he is finally coming around,” Adam said.

    “Where am I?” He asked groggily.

    We filled him on what happened. Adam told him how he and Krampus gathered the ingredients to make the potion that woke Duncan and I up. I wanted to ask him what he knew but didn’t want to seem too forward. Martha suggested we should talk over breakfast. Her meals are the definition of comfort food. We sat at the table eating some cinnamon waffles and drinking eggnog. Duncan was quiet for a little while, but he managed to gather the courage to speak.

    “Thank you all for helping me again. This is tough for me to talk about, but for the sake of getting my family back and killing that frostbitten bastard I need to share what I know.”

    “They weren’t hurt, then?” I asked.

    “I don’t know. I hope not. I didn’t see them get hurt when I saw them last, but I am worried about them. I have no idea how or where they are now, though. This will take a while to tell. So make sure you’re all comfortable.”

    “That’s alright. Take your time, Duncan,” Kris said.

    He breathed deeply. Then told us everything.

    “He tricked me. I should have known it was too good to be true. He came to me in a dream as her.”

    “You mean…?” I asked

    “That’s right, Ella. He used her to manipulate me,” he replied.

    His hands shook as they gripped his mug, from rage or worry, I can’t say. What he said was especially concerning, because it means Jack is strong enough to enter dreams other than his own. This does make us somewhat concerned for Nukku, but knowing how powerful he is, Jack would have to be an idiot to mess with him. Still, given enough time, he may be able to surpass him. We’ve made sure to warn him about this.

    He’s responded by doing more training and putting a charm on his castle. Said charm makes it so only who he wants to find his castle will be able to locate it. Usually, he welcomes most people to it, but under the given circumstances this is for the best. Duncan paused for a brief moment and took a sip of his cocoa. Then continued speaking.

    “It felt so real. In it, I woke up and found my family wasn’t home. I didn’t think much of it. I figured that Amelia must have taken Riley and Sophie to school. I decided to go on a walk in the park. Who else did I see there but her? I couldn’t believe it. She was sitting on a bench like nothing had happened to her. I ran up to her and started asking questions, including how she was back and where she had been all this time. She smiled and told me that it wasn’t real, but that it could be. All I had to do is perform a small ritual. I had to write some symbols on a door and open it. Supposedly, this would have allowed Ella to cross over into the realm of the living, good as new.

    “So what went wrong?” Adam asked.

    “It actually went right. Had it been successful Jack would have had a way out of the North Pole.”

    “Seriously?”I asked, surprised.

    “Why did Jack pick you?” Krampus asked Duncan.

    “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I have a history with you guys? I don’t know how he found that out, though.”

    “He could have done it by glimpsing one of our dreams,” Adam said.

    “Which means he was snooping around in the dream world,” Kurz said. “Is there any way to shield ourselves from him entering our dreams?”

    “I’ll look into it,” Adam replied.

    “Thank you, Adam,” Krampus said. “Please continue, Duncan.”

    “Right. I did as told. I made sure to perform the ritual on a day Amelia and the kids would be gone. I wrote the runes on Amelia and I’s bedroom door.”

    “Wait. We didn’t see any runes on the door,” I said.

    “They disappeared when the ritual took effect.”

    “Do you remember what they looked like?” Krampus asked

    “I saw them in my dream. Then wrote them down when I woke up. I may still have the paper,” Duncan replied, fumbling through his pocket.

    Then he handed it to Krampus who looked at it. Then began passing it around. As he did, Duncan kept speaking.

    “After I wrote them down, they began to glow. The only thing I had to do after it was open the door. That was when things went wrong. Amelia and the kids got home early. As it turns out, they caught something from a classmate and she had to take them home. “Ella” made it very clear to me that I had to be alone during the ritual and that I had to open the door from the side I wrote the symbols on. So this complicated things. Amelia asked where I was. I told her and asked if she could take the kids out. She, of course, told me what had happened and that they had to get some rest, doctor’s orders.”

    “Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but why didn’t you just ya know, stop the ritual?” Adam asked.

    “I was never told how. I begged her to leave and take the kids just for a little bit, but she didn’t listen. She came to our room and opened the door. When she did, a loud shriek immediately emitted from the doorway. I tried in vain to get everyone out in time. All the doors in our house opened up and this stuff came pouring out. I guess I would describe it as, maybe a mist? I’ve never heard of anything like it, though.”

    “What color was it?”

    “Black, blue, and red.”

    “That’s the same color as the aura I saw at your place, but people usually can’t see it. Yet you and your family were able to?”

    “It would appear that way, yes..”

    “Hm. The ritual may have caused auras to take material form. Nukku has told me of people trying rituals and something similar to what you just described, happening. It’s a sign that the ritual has failed. Though, it isn’t always a negative aura. This one time Nukku told me about a village where someone messed up a ritual and a happiness aura affected everyone there. It sounded like going to Amsterdam during 4/20. Ordinarily, I would just say you happened to end up with bad aura, but knowing Jack is involved makes me think this was intentional. What happened to your family?”

    “I can’t say exactly. We could barely see each other because of the aura in front of us. It was nearly suffocating. We tried reaching each other, but it was no use. It was like the aura was holding us back. Then I saw something take them. It was like this dark sludge. It came from Riley and Sophie’s door, engulfing them and Amelia. I yelled for them only to get no response. I thought I would be next, but it stopped in front of me. I saw it had a face, like the one, you’d see carved into a Jack o’ lantern. I don’t remember much after that. All I remember is it engulfing me. Then snapping out of my trance this morning.”

    “Hm, it sounds like some sort of demon,” Krampus said, stuffing a piece of waffle into his mouth and chewing thoughtfully.” Adam, does the Duncan described sound familiar to you?”

    “Not that I can think of. I’ll have to ask Nukku about it.”

    Duncan and I offered to do the dishes once the table was cleared. While cleaning them we got to talking.

    “What exactly were you planning to do if Ella did come back?”

    “I wasn’t going to run off with her or anything like that if that’s what you were thinking. I’m grateful for the family I have now. I just thought someone like her deserved a second chance at life,” Duncan replied. “It would have taken a hell of a lot of explaining if she did come back, though,” he jokingly said.

    “Well, we will get your family back. You can count on that.”

    “I know I can. I trust you guys more than anyone else.”

    Once we had finished putting the dishes away, Krampus took Duncan back to the castle. I helped everyone make sure that the villagers had everything they needed. Then that the reindeer were comfortable. I’m back home and everyone is asleep as I type this up. We’ll kick that demon’s ass and save Duncan’s family. Then we’ll deal with Jack for causing all this trouble. I’d be lying if I said that what he did to me wasn’t one of my reasons for wanting to take him down.

    At least we’re in this festive holiday season. I hope you all are having a good one. That reminds me, as I post this now it is Krampusnacht. I guess I should get him a present or something. Although he thinks the holiday misrepresents him, I find it cool. Just remember that the way something gets perceived may not be how it actually is.

    Happy December, everyone. This is Nick, signing out.

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