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  • I need help with a nosql query.

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  • BusinessMag

    January 10, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    I am thinking of using nosql to store the meta data of posts. My objects would be stored like in the following: Collection(Post): Document(Playlist)->Discussions->Responses I believe this is a great format because the most common query would be for playlists and for their discussions. However, if I were to add a search function into my site, this is where format is at a disadvantage. Playlist and discussions both have a hashtag property, and so if I were to search up content by hashtags, I could only do so effeciently if I were to only display playlists. Q1: If I wanted to search discussions by hashtag, would it be a more complicated query as it is a property of a playlist? Q2: If Q1 is true, then would it be better to use a SQL implementation?
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