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  • I really want this job! Do I try to negotiate after not being chosen?

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  • David

    October 27, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    xposted I have been looking for a new job for a while now and recently interviewed with one that I was super excited about. The job is something that, while I am not the most experienced at, is still something I can do and have gotten a Master’s degree in the area. This is something that is dream job level for me, so not just something I feel I can say oh well and move on. The job is a start-up company and located across the country, but I was assured on several interviews that they did not have problems with remote work and traveling in occasionally. After my 4th interview the recruiter called me and told me they did not want to move forward because they wanted someone who had more experience and who was local. The job has 3 components: start up work and building a program from scratch (I have only done this in school, but have given ideas in several jobs I have worked) managerial potential with growth (I have no formal managerial experience) interaction with customers (I have experience ~5+ years) I put a lot of effort into applying for this job and I’m really crushed. I feel like I did everything right and I might be getting overlooked for the small details of not having management experience and not having the industry experience outside of my degree program. The recruiter did tell me the team loved my enthusiasm and they will be hiring for a similar position again soon which would just basically be interacting with customers and not the cool part of helping to build the program. Don’t get me wrong I love to interact with customers, but what really drew me in was the building of a program. I am thinking about reaching out to the recruiter and asking if perhaps they might consider me to perhaps not be the lead, but at least allow me to come on in the early stages to get experience in building the program. I came up with these scenarios that might re-start negotiation: Less salary (than my original target salary) since my area of the country has a lower cost of living I would pay for all travel myself and then write off on my taxes Is this something that might be a good idea? Or will this make me look desperate? I am not desperate by any means, but I am really excited about the opportunity and really would love to get this experience under my belt. TL;DR: I really want a job (dream job), but was not chosen. Do I try to start up negotiations again by reducing my salary expectations? – by hq overview 1RN_CDE – –

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