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  • I Spent 5 Months Testing and Refining a Spreadsheet Based Employee Grading System : EntrepreneurRideAlong

     Arianna updated 4 weeks, 1 day ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    January 28, 2020 at 10:16 am

    One of the biggest problems most business owners face is how do we track and increase the quality of our workforce?

    This issue seems to be persistent in many small and large businesses. There simply isn’t a great system to track how employees are doing on a factual level. I say factual because I’ve noticed that most of how an employee is graded is based on how a manager feels about them, an inherently fallible system.

    For the past 5 months I built, tested, and refined a system on Google Sheets for the employees of my moving company. The system gives each of my employees a 1 to 5 score based off of 8 key metrics.

    This enables management to track the score and score progression of each worker over time removing the emotional element.

    How The System Works:

    The system is a combination of customer feedback, general at-work scores, and on site grading. Each metric is graded on a 1-5 scale.

    Below I detail all of the metrics we use, feel free to use these or tweak these as your see fit for your business.

    Customer Feedback:

    Each customer gets a call the day after their job is completed. Every single customer is asked to rate the job on a 1 to 5 scale for what we determined are out most important metrics. We ensure to ask each client the exact same three questions without placing any bias to ensure the reliability and consistency of the system. We want the entire process to be as scientific as possible.

    Questions Asked:

    1. How was the professionalism, friendliness, and attitude of your crew, 1-5?

    2. Was your property cared for and protected, 1-5?

    3. Was the move was performed efficiently, 1-5?

    In House Grading:

    Each mover is graded on 5 metrics by their management each day. There are specific guidelines for each metric in order to ensure consistency across the board and eliminate favoritism.

    The Metrics and How They’re Graded:

    Timeliness (Arrival to customer’s home):

    • 1/5: 46min+ late

    • 2/5: 16-45min late

    • 3/5: 11-15 late

    • 4/5: 01-10min late

    • 5/5 On time or early

    Timeliness (Arrival to work):

    Truck Clean/Supplies:

    • 1/5: Back of truck or cab unorganized, covered in trash, or supplies missing

    • 2/5: N/A

    • 3/5: Truck nearly clean but not spotless

    • 4/5: N/A

    • 5/5: Truck spotless

    Attitude/Team Player: (This metric isn’t used every day only in case of extraordinarily good or poor performance i.e. a 1 or 5). This is used as a catch all. Due to the subjective nature of this score proof needs to be shown for any 1 or 5 grade.

    • 1/5: Examples: Unwarranted anger/attitude, un-willingness to work with certain others, poor online review, failure to follow instructions causing extra work for other movers or office staff.

    • 2/5: N/A

    • 3/5: N/A

    • 4/5: N/A

    • 5/5: Examples: Willingness to help in any way, great attitude, customer spotlighted them, 5 star review, willingness to follow guidelines

    Proper Customer Paperwork:

    • 1/5: Insurance form or disclaimer not filled out or negligent billing issue

    • 2/5: N/A

    • 3/5: Small issue on paperwork

    • 4/5: N/A

    • 5/5: All paperwork filled out perfectly

    On Site Grading:

    Each crew receives one random check up by a manager while on the job per week. The metrics used on site are the same 3 questions asked on customer survey calls (professionalism, efficiency, and care of home and belongings).


    For one month we tracked all scores without telling our guys. This allowed us to have baseline in which to measure the effectiveness of this system.

    After that month we told the guys what we were doing and broke down exactly what they needed to do to get a higher score.

    We were blown away by the results month 2.

    There was a 40% increase in average mover score and a 38% increase in customers who gave a perfect 5/5 score during follow up calls.

    By spending 1 hour a day tracking progress we were able to increase the perfect quality output by 38% all with the same employees.

    Tips/What We Learned:

    1. Make the system as fool proof as possible. Specific un-emotional guidelines for each metric are key.

    2. You must be consistent with this every single day otherwise workers will not respect the system. We have yet to miss a day and now have data from nearly 1000 jobs. Our employees know every day matters.

    3. Don’t use too many metrics. While coming up with this system there were 20 things we wanted to grade on but the truth is 95% of the quality comes from the top 6-10 metrics. I wouldn’t use more than 12.

    4. Regularly go over scores with your workers. They can’t improve if they don’t know what they’re doing wrong. We have sit downs with each person once a month.

    5. Let the competitiveness of the system drive scores. Every employee wants to be #1. We post scores publicly.

    6. You don’t need to be tech savvy to make one of these.

    Here’s a link to a blank copy of the spreadsheet system I came up with. Feel free to upgrade it, tweak it, or do whatever you like with it. Warning: the system itself isn’t pretty. I hope you have as much success with it as I’ve experienced, I’ll be satisfied if this helps just one business stand out from the competition.

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