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  • I wanted to share the difference optimizations can make to your website

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  • Margaret

    July 11, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Please have a look at this image As you can see there has been a significant jump in traffic after a string of bad performing ads and website issues. I had rebuilt my affiliate store under a new label and was struggling with generating sessions and conversions. I had low traffic and website issues that were printing me from being properly visible to search engines and other indexing sites. The meta descriptions were also broken and were not representing the site accurately. Here is what I did to fix it. Applies to WordPress sites 1) Disabled and deleted any plugins that I was not using 2) Installed Yoast (free version) and filled all the necessary details and sourced higher quality images 3) Checked with Search Console and Bing analytics tools to ensure Sitemap was being indexed 4) Went through social media and made sure was using Keywords in posts 5) Ran an ad campaign with at least 5 ad styles. I am adding 5 more this week. Getting a lot of clicks 6) Ensures Google Analytics, Search Console and any other measuring tools such as Hot Jar were all connected and running properly. I have disabled Hot Jar recently as I am trying out a new measuring tool 7) Consistency of posts both on website and social media is very important too. I stick to 2 a day on Insta and try to add at least 4 to 5 new affiliate links. 8) I keep the experience simple and minimal. You come, you see some weird, funny and/or useful shit, you click on link, you buy if you want to. I dont ask my users for anything. 9) The style and absurdity is what sells. I needed a twist since everyone is doing affiliate-marketing. 10) It is still competitive and there are days when fuck all happens. If you are interested check out – by /hq/foundrforge – –

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