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  • [IDEA] An Idea Can Change Your Life

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  • Christine

    October 31, 2019 at 5:47 am

    Let me try to explain my idea. It is a complicated one but if you read through. It will definitely make sense. Couple of things before we start: You need to understand technology. You understand the potential in marketplaces. You also understand this idea might fail. OK lets get started. My idea is to create a freelance service marketplace. Now you want to go away from this post because you have seen tons of similar ideas or pitches. But hold on for a while and see the difference. What I want to create is a headless platform. There will be No website, No Brand and No Platform. How it works? This marketplace will work on Headless Super API’s [REST] There will be 3 major user base (and I will explain further how to get more traction from each user base). ​ 1# Providers: People who provide there services online. They will register there account and publish there services by using our API’s. We can create WordPress dashboards to make it easier for them. They will publish things they could do for a price on there dashboard. Traction: I have created a marketplace before and it was easier for me to get providers registered and published quickly. I just had to do some Facebook marketing with proper incentives. ​ 2# Bloggers (With Reputation): Bloggers spent quite a lot of time and efforts in order to build there reputation online. People follow them and read through there posts to make there decisions. Although bloggers struggle to make enough money for there passion. Medium of making money are quite limited. Hence they always depend upon either sponsorship, Adverts or sponsorship. There is not much they could do. Some bloggers create there own digital products like: ebooks, courses, music files etc. We can attract them with a proposition to integrate a marketplace into your blog with just few clicks. They could select Which providers and services they would like to list on there blog. Which category of services they would like to list on there blog. They can add a percentage of fee on top of what provider is charging. This way with in few clicks they have a marketplace with lots of providers available for them. And obviously they get paid when some one from there current viewership purchases any service. There will be a way to moderate providers and buyers with feedback and reviews. Again we can create WordPress plugins for them to have this added into there blog with few clicks. Traction: I am sure when we reach out to bloggers with potential audience. They will be happy to try our product. Hence I need a partner who is good in digital marketing. ​ #3 Buyers: These are the people most hard to bring on. Well 50% of our problem of putting our service in front of them is automatically resolved because our bloggers will do that job for us. Now what remains is the confidence. Which we will build slowly slowly via our consistence feedback and review process. Traction: We will acquire more buyers by getting more bloggers on-boarded. ​ Open Questions: There are few questions which I have not solved yet. But I am sure when I get my partners finalised they will be able to help me with them. What if the same buyer sees same service listed on two different blogs with different pricing? What if the blogger does not have a WordPress platform Partners Needed: I am looking for a senior WordPress developer and a Online Marketer. to become my partner. I will be doing all API level stuff. If this get you a little bit excited please drop me message and I can share my business canvas with you. Thanks – by hq overview harshalone – –

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