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  • Ideas/ tools to use for a site with a private message board/ portal for approved users only.

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    September 30, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Hi all Firstly, big ups to this community. Has been a valuable resource in my growth as a web designer. I have offered my talents to a local hospital to create a website and portal for their residents. There’s a few moving pieces and I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start. I want to make sure WordPress is a good fit or if I should plan to just do all custom; which I really don’t want to do but have been leveraging a lot lately if WordPress is always the right solution. I’m a fairly decent WordPress dev and I feel comfortable in it. Main requirements are to have a public facing site anyone can access with information about the program and clinic, contact, photos etc. And a resident login where there will be a messsage board that an admin posts to that the residents will log in to see announcements, news, etc. Also in the portal should have integration with their API (I tried to sell a custom dropbox style function, but they wanna be use their existing acct.) To access docs on their box acct thru the portal. Part of me wants to think that the message board feature they want could possibly just make use of WordPress default blog functionality and have that area be hidden within the portal. And once they’re logged in they get redirected to blog (which I’ll rename to portal or something) And use the built in user roles to allow who can post/ see dashboard, etc. But that seems too easy and I want this to look like an Enterprise tool as it’ll be an incredible portfolio piece as it’s a very large and respected hospital. However I want to get this delivered quickly and easy as possible as the budget is laughable and I want to get it in their hands asap. What do y’all think? And any helpful info about box API I’d anyone has ever worked with it would be appreciated. – by hq overview yuppieByDay – –

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