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  • If things are feeling tough this week… read this.

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  • Jessica

    November 25, 2019 at 9:24 am

    When you are pursuing your goals, you will reach that stage… Where the initial rush of excitement has faded… and now you are in the middle of the grind. In the grind, you’re faced with challenges every day. Things like… Overcoming your fears and doubts… (like launching an ad for an affiliate product for the first time and not being sure if it will work) Putting in the extra work… (by doing early mornings and late nights) Rewiring your old beliefs… (like feeling afraid and uncomfortable is a good thing). Now, none of this stuff is fun OR easy. And in these moments, even the most resilient person can find themselves thinking… “I’m not sure if I’m even making progress anymore… Why the hell am I putting myself through all this?” If you are feeling like this right now, it’s a GOOD thing. Because… “Everyone wants to be a beast… until it’s time to do what beasts do” Put more simply… everyone wants to have more money, more freedom, and a better lifestyle… But VERY few people are willing to do the things needed to reach those goals. By doing these things you need to realize that YOU are a very rare and special type of person! So if you’re having a tough week and need extra motivation… just think of this… Acknowledge that you ARE a special type of person… you are doing what 90% of people are NOT willing to do. – by /hq/Manu442 – –

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