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  • I’m building a new internet and I need your help

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  • David

    October 30, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    What I am actually making is a new web browser that is going to redefine our idea of the internet and the power of the user altogether. How many times do we gotta hear that facebook sold our data and only got fined $2, before we take matters into our own hands? How much money are we going to let Amazon and Google make by exploiting those who use it? Our goal is simple: take money out of corporations’ pockets and put it back into the consumers’. It is in fact the user being robbed in the first place, because almost all of big tech’s revenue comes from selling the user and their data like a product. The strategy is simple: Unite enough users to then have the negotiating power to force big tech to pay us the money that is rightfully ours. We bully big tech like yelp did to small businesses. We unite the users, we hold all the aces. And if we give users money; we easily acquire users. Our browser gives every user $50 a month universal basic income, just to browse the web normally. This may sound ridiculous and impossible to achieve, but I believe it to be in fact an under-exaggeration of the money we will generate. Here are some of the revenues: Big tech fees Google pays Apple 3 billion a year just to be the default browser on iphones. They do this because they still make a shit ton more on ads. We will charge google to be the default browser. We will charge facebook and youtube to show ads, or we will block the ads. United we are a threat. United we can make a difference. Affiliate codes All purchases made on the browser will load an affiliate code and like any cashback site, we generate about 5% on every purchase. The average user spends 1-3k dollars a year so this will generate $50-300. Domain names We will generate a new standard for domain names, for example, and sell them to businesses. Some domains have sold for millions of dollars, so this will generate quite a bit of money. Retail We will private label common products and then overlay them onto Amazon’s site so shoppers can choose to buy it from us instead. Other There are many other ways to monetize once we control the traffic. I would love to hear some ideas in the comments! We are essentially building something similar to Brave web browser, and our browser might even be built on Brave’s source code if we can get a license. But we are monetizing by charging big tech like never seen before. Here’s the plan: Phase 1 Assemble a team. Generate massive media and influencer attention. Create a Following. Phase 2 Build a decentralized and privacy-focused browser ontop a preexisting software like chromium or brave and Phase 3 Bully Big Tech until the user is treated like a human not a product. Phase 4 Implement web 3.0 features by integrating existing dApps like storj steemit etc I need your help. How would you like to build a business that took money from billionaires and big tech and put it back into the hands of the consumer? How would you like to make real change in the world? I can offer equity but this business will have a contingency clause to cap all shareholders equity (including mine) so no one will become a billionaire from a software built for the people. Here’s what I’m looking for: Experienced coders and technical product managers, advisors, ideas for revenue/marketing/features, and I also need publicity. Share this idea with your friend. Comment an idea. Give me your feedback? It’s time we end this era of technological tyranny. It’s time we start seeing technology benefit the people instead of the elite. ​ United we are a threat, united we can make a difference. – by hq overview WignersLottery – –

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