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  • Christine

    September 13, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    I’m inspired by the geniuses that started Silicon Valley to dive into my next project: A chat UI to develop web apps collaboratively. I’ve been reading, Valley of Genius by Adam Fisher. The book chronicles the history of Silicon Valley, starting with the “big bang” or “mother of all demos”. In this demo, Doug Engelbart invented the mouse, the graphic user interface, and an early version of http. Fisher continues the journey with a description of Nolan Bushnell and how he started an amazing video game company (Atari). Nolan sold the company to Warner Communications, which eventually led to its downfall. The company tanked after losing their four most talented employees, who went on to create Activision. I’m currently at the part of the book where Apple is on the rise. Steve Jobs is generally being an asshole or visionary depending on your point of view. He lead a team to build their second benchmark product after the Apple II. Spoiler, it was the Mac. By reading these various stories, I’m beginning to see some patterns. Most of the engineers are excited about what a piece of hardware can do in terms of performance and features. Another good chunk of the actors are interested in what they can sell. Then there is a third set of engineers that are decrying the end of the evolution of computers. These people are interested in what computers could become had the spreadsheet and word processor not been invented. Improving By Delta I guess this is the part that interests me. We have had some landmark pieces of software in the past 20 years that I would call “sandbox” software. They aren’t exactly 0 to 1, as Peter Thiel would put it. They are +Δ. They allow people that put in enough time to form small groups and build amazingly creative products. I’m interested in building some sort of sandbox software in the chat UI space that will be part of this delta improvement. To effectively build something like this, I need to balance the interests of these three types of people. If you have thoughts about one key angle of this triangle, please comment below. Building On Top of Previous Apps This application will require some support from two other applications that I created over the past two months. The first application is a photo uploading service, where you can add filters. The power of this service isn’t so much in the filters. It’s set up to be a solid content management service. I just need to build out an API so you can access assets from any application. With the proper functionality in place you will be able to manage four types of files: Graphics (.png) Photos (.jpg) Javascript (.js) Html (.html) Then download and upload them in the chat UI like some ridiculous scene in the matrix. The second app that I built was an analytics app, described here. With this site, you can track what sections, within a webpage, people are looking at. To move forward, I want to set up an API that tracks actions natively in whatever app you build. Then the “creator” never actually has to go to the analytics website. Instead, they can track their analytics from the app they build itself. Everything will “feel” native. Determining New Features Finally, I’m going to pump out a few features this week that could be really helpful for developing web apps collaboratively. Voice Chat Live Editing of Content Screen Sharing These features working together all seem really exciting to me, but I could be wrong. I’m very interested in what YOU would like in a live chat application. Here are some key questions: What is your specific use case? What feature(s) would you want to be present? What feature(s) would you want to be absent? Please consider these questions. There are no limits other than your imagination. I want you to keep that sense of potential and awe when building this next platform. Leave the feedback here, or hit me up through my email at Here’s a quick demo: See this article on my next app idea: – by hq overview punknight – –

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