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  • Intellectual property and selling derivatives from outsourced 3D models and prints

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  • Margaret

    August 25, 2021 at 2:38 pm

    A few years ago while in University I had this passive income side gig test run where I worked with a manufacturer in China to create resin statues and sell them online. I ordered the minimum of 100 and sold out after a year or so without any advertisement. I still get people asking when I’ll be making more, and now that I have disposable income, but less time — to be honest I didn’t have time then either, I was just procrastinating work on my thesis — I was thinking of reviving the project. This time around I thought I could make use of 3D tech and smaller batches, working with Fiverr or local 3D modelers and printers. Now this is where things get muddy for me in terms of intellectual property and licensing. I wouldn’t be selling the 3D printed statues, rather make moulds to create the statues on-demand. I commission someone to create a the 3D model of the statue. Do I own it 100%? I think on sites like Fiverr, there are different licensing tiers depending on intended usage. But if there is none of that, and the modeller provides the source file, am I to assume that I can do whatever I want with it (other than resell it as-is)? Use it to create a mould myself to make copies, render the 3D to make derived products like t-shirts or whatever? I commission someone to create the mould straight up, I would assume they know the mould will be used for production and sale of a statue and would price it accordingly? I’m not sure I’m a fan of this option. 3D Print: I assume that the 3D printer is of least concern. I thought about doing all of this myself, I have some knowledge of 3D modeling and whatnot, but it’s unreasonable time-wise (and I don’t have space for a dedicated printer), so I’d rather outsource as much as possible while still taking advantage of what I had built in the past. What do you folks think? – by /hq/xyxif – –

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