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Activity Forums Q & A Is a patent something you can file yourself? Are there other ways of ‘protecting’ an idea before you go to producers?

  • Is a patent something you can file yourself? Are there other ways of ‘protecting’ an idea before you go to producers?

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  • Christine

    October 29, 2019 at 1:17 am

    I’m going to talk to a couple friends who are much better at physics than I am but am pretty sure I’ve come up with a majorly significant improvement to a ~30y/o tree-care product (it’s a very similar principle to a ubiquitous piece of gear that any climbing-arborist owns, I mean it does the same thing and is even similar-enough in dimensions, but it is “new” or at least I’m confident enough it would be considered as such by an overwhelming majority, however I don’t think that even matters much because the piece of equipment that it would replace is one that is made by many companies (ie nobody’s protecting the IP, it’s also not a new product by any stretch, and my idea is considerably different although it gets similar[but better] results through a similar principle) How can I protect this? Can’t believe I’m asking this 😀 I have no idea what to do with it, I’m quite sure that medium-size operations could produce it so there should be a ton of producers that would take it but I couldn’t even begin talking about the concept’s specifics without it being obvious immediately it’s really a straightforward thing once any part of it is seen or explained (can’t believe nobody’s thought of it, spent over 20min trying to fault it – it’s an absurdly simple concept so that was overkill I am quite sure – my other idea was a modest/minor improvement that may not have been worth a company listening to, my original intent being to submit the idea to the guy who first made a similar device as he’s in a place to do something, but this isn’t something I want to risk someone taking and claiming credit for or taking and making it w/o asking…I see “patent pending” on so much stuff, while I’ll certainly be unable to sleep tonight & will spend a lot of time researching the in’s/out’s as far as I’m able to understand them, from a dummy’s perspective “patent pending” seems like you just need to file the patent – not wait for its approval – and you’re “protected” somehow….otherwise why on earth would the concept exist right? Thanks for any&all input, gah this could really be great I’m going to ask a couple people I known to try faulting the concept/principle of it then I’m going to have another friend make a one-off version to test (lol just realized I can be all silly about IP with him, tell him what he’s to make for me w/o letting him know what it is 😛 Nah too high a risk he’d post to his facebook feed or something, it’ll be quickly recognizable to arborists like 9/10 would surely see what the item was intended to do upon a glance at it) Really really hope this can come to fruition hell if I’ve gotta take $100 and a free unit then I’ll be happy to do so as I just genuinely want one for myself!! – by hq overview neovngr – –

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