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  • Is early non-founder employment in a subsidiary startup worth it?

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  • Jessica

    August 30, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    Hey everyone! I feel like this isn’t a traditional topic that fits this sub. Sorry if this does not fit here. As I’ve been looking for jobs, I’ve taken an offer from a software corp (10k+ employees) that’s hiring for a new subsidiary startup that they’re going to found mid 2022. They actually hired two of my work colleagues as well. We’re starting out in the main corp and moving over once it’s founded. They’re already partnered with other companies for development, but there are still many things unclear. I’d be among the first 5 employers, and they expect slight growth throughout the first 2 years without having to make profits yet. They’ve done this in the past already, and it seems to have worked out with multiple different approaches, companies and startups I’m slightly confused what I’ve gotten myself into. There is no equity. The pay is ok for the fact that it’s going to be just us 3 starting out (Germany, I’m getting 74k€, with 2.5 years of experience). We as a team are pretty much specialized in the field this company is going to be about. My other colleagues are at 4 and 9 years of experience. Our “senior” is going to take a more managing role – we all have the same title on paper. Has anyone been in a similar situation and can give me some insight? I’ve already talked to the main company and asked tons of questions about the future, what they’re going to expect, future, ROI, growth and so on. Many things are left unclear. They expect to provide us with clients with their existing network, have big partners onboard and everyone knows this field is growing with a bright future to come. Everything else is pretty much “up to us” (technologies we’d like to use, hardware and so on). Until clients come in with specific requirements ofc. So I’m expecting us 3 to wear many hats and take a lot of responsibility. Does this setup sound like a red flag to you? This seems low risk for everyone involved since we’re not getting equity and are just hired as engineers. Some questions that I’ve been asking myself for a while. Maybe some of you experienced in startups in similar setup or as non-founders could give me some insight: Does that sound like an opportunity at all? Would you guys give it a shot or go for a more traditional corp job with 10% more pay (ballpark of my other offers) What future could you expect for a non-founder, high performing engineer being employed from day 1 Is this even considered a startup? We use infrastructure, client network and partners of the main corp – but get our own office and lab. The contracts seem very traditional. Of course I’d like to contribute to the success of this startup and have it grow and flourish. I’m just afraid these traditional contracts and the traditional backbone of this set up are going to be a limitation for personal appreciation and financial growth. – by /hq/I_JIZZ_FRIES – –

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