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  • Is re-branding always a good thing?

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  • Luna

    August 31, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Hello everybody! I wonder how many of you have tried to do some re-branding for their business. How did it end up? My business partner and I own a small gym in our neighborhood. I cannot say that our gym is brand new and that it’s the perfect place. So, of course, it needs some significant improvements. We bought this almost destroyed gym and made this place perfect for guys where they can work out. Seriously, we don’t have any ladies around since they are freaked out from this place. ​ So, my business partner suggested we do a little bit of “re-branding” and add a possibility for ladies to work out. Besides, he told this company he found on has already helped some businesses to improve. How many of you tried to hire someone to help them out with the business? Did it work for you, and how long did it take for you to cover all costs? ​ On the one hand, I know that opening some female sections will bring many new customers. Since we live in the neighborhood where you can find many stay-at-home mums, they all go to the local yoga studio, a couple of blocks away from our place. So, basically, it is just one competitor around. ​ But, on the other hand, we also need to invest some money, and we just don’t have them. It means that we will need to apply for a credit to pay those guys for re-branding. Apart from that, we will also need to invest some money to re-arrange our place or make ladies’ changing and shower rooms. I’m pretty sure this gonna cost us a fortune. I’m just not sure if we are ready for the changes like this. Obviously, I’m also worried that this plan is not gonna work out for us. So, we might end up owing a bunch of money to the bank. ​ Long story short, we either take this risk and apply for credit or keep making money on what we have without any re-branding and stuff like that. But, there is a probability that someone will open up another place, and everyone will rush there. What would you choose? – by /hq/gaySaipan – –

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