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  • Katie

    January 15, 2022 at 6:48 am

    Hi all, Is feeling isolated a common problem among small business owners? How do people resolve this? I have posted here before about how I’m thinking of closing my business. I teach after-school, summer camps, and homeschool creative writing classes for kids. I’ve always been mostly alone aside from contracted teachers that mostly did their own thing, and of course the students, but I’m talking about adult/colleague/ collaborator relationships. I never really minded working alone because I had other places to connect with peers – I had a gym I really liked, I was a member of a great ceramics studio, I took piano class, I had a neighborhood lunch group, etc. I lost those connections with the pandemic and haven’t been able to get them back, and now the isolation at work is ruining my mental health. My typical day is: wake up and go for a run by myself. Come home and send the kids off to school and husband off to work. Go to work. There’s nobody there. Clean the classroom. Sit down at the computer and plan lessons and manage the business for around 6 hours. During this time, I alternate between eating and crying, so I’m fat and sad. Teach my classes, which are really fun. Dismiss my classes at 7:30. Try to stay and clean up and get.ready for tomorrow, but I’m the last one in the building and I get scared because it’s so dark and quiet outside, so I grab my purse and run to my car. Eat dinner with the family. Watch TV. Go to bed That’s it. That’s my life. I used to be a fun and interesting person, believe it or not. I know.that there are solutions for the isolation business-wise and personally, and whenever I talk to my family about it, they are adament that these are the solutions I need. Stuff like hiring more people, having social writing meetups at my classroom, finding activities for work-life balance again. They dont want me to give up on my business that I worked so hard for. They want me to be happy and successful like I was pre-pandemic. But let me tell you my dream. It’s very simple. I would like to go to work at a place where there are other adults that I can talk to.and share with. I would like to have colleagues, professional cohorts, a team. I’d like to have work friends. I’d like for there to be a division of labor and shared responsibilities. I want to be able to email someone with a question. You know, I’d gladly sit through a meeting that should have been an email. I just want someone to say “good morning” to me when I come to work or ask me how I’m doing so I can say “doin’ good” and mean it. Is anyone else feeling this way? How are you managing? – by /hq/itsCaseyAgainHi – –

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