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Forums Forums Marketing Just gave my two-weeks notice at my corporate job. What are some good initial goals and sales tactics for a startup digital marketing freelancer/aspiring agency?

  • Just gave my two-weeks notice at my corporate job. What are some good initial goals and sales tactics for a startup digital marketing freelancer/aspiring agency?

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  • David

    October 12, 2019 at 11:32 am

    First off, I want to make it clear that I didn’t quit my job without any secure income. I’m partnering with someone who’s going to be paying me a monthly salary (enough to cover my monthly expenses and have a bit left over for savings and/or other purchases). I’ll explain the situation first and then talk about my work experience if anyone’s interested. Sorry if it’s a bit long, I want to give as many details as possible. Ok, so I just accepted an opportunity to start my own digital marketing agency with a partner. I’m the one with all the digital marketing experience (mostly social and SEM), he’s the one with the management experience. I will be managing his other companies’ social and SEM (hence the salary) and we’llboth work on getting other digital marketing clients. At first, it’s only going to be me working on his and our new clients’ accounts, so I think I’ll get saturated pretty quickly (in my experience, I can probably handle 4 or 5 clients without going crazy). The idea is to start small. We’d be constantly reaching out to small businesses and offer our digital marketing services, as the client list grows we’ll be hiring people to take charge of those accounts. He has a few designers and other resources at his other companies that should be able to assist us in the meantime. We already have a basic business model that we’re working on fleshing out (mostly social media and SEM). I’ve talked to a lot of people that are currently working at or created their own agencies and I’ve worked out pricing and scope of work. I’ve even reached out to a few business owners I know to see if they’d be interested in hiring us. They haven’t blown me off yet, but I haven’t received a definitive “yes, let’s do this” from them either My associate thinks that, once we get the ball rolling, we should be able to get at least 5 clients within a month. There’s a bit of a bubble in our country of small digital marketing agencies popping up and pretty much every company (small, medium, corporate, enterprise) wants to invest some marketing budget in digital. So, we’re looking to ride that wave. I don’t know if 5 clients in a month is too much or too little for our small team. Since we’re currenly on a goal-setting stage, the questions are: If we’re starting out, what would be a good set of goals to consider for our agency? Also, what are good sales tactics to start prospecting customers ASAP? We’re planning on doing the good ol’ knocking on doors and asking to speak with the person in charge (still a viable tactic in our country). Eventually we’ll set up a digital marketing campaign, but we’re looking to set a foot in the door ASAP. What are some good, cheap/free tools to consider? (basecamp, trello, slack, onlypult, gsuite are some that come to mind) My work experience: I didn’t major in marketing or anything related. I studied mechanical engineering. But due to an entrepreneural adventure right out of college, I ended up learning about digital marketing by myself. The company didn’t take off, but I had this basic knowledge. So pretty much all my jobs for the past 6 years have been in digital marketing. I’ve mostly worked with social media and SEM as a content creator, community manager and analyst, and a small amount of image and video editing. At my last job at a creative agency, I ended up managing the digital marketing department that grew from 5 to 20 people in a span of a few months that included content creators, community managers, designers, analysts, and video editors. Again, mostly in social media. These haven’t really been small agencies, though. I’ve handled pretty big clients, some with national reach, some with hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital marketing budgets. I also decided to get an MBA with a focus on Marketing (tbh, my learning experience was minimal here, but something must’ve stuck). I also have a bit of basic knowledge of web development, enough to get a template and modify it to fit the intended design and client’s needs (mostly for landing pages). I seriously want to get a bit more studying and experience in all of these areas, because I feel quite rusty since the job I just quit didn’t really let me hone my skills and knowledge too much during the 2 and a half years I worked there. I also have a pretty good list of friends and ex-colleagues that I can reach out to request some freelance assistance (senior-level copywriters, designers, video editors, etc.). – by hq overview neotsunami – –

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