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  • Just made a tool to find out which theme a WordPress site is employing

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  • Deborah

    October 25, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Hello world! I am relatively new to this platform, so hey, hi! I just wanted to pass by and share with you a very immature tool that I have been rolling down these past few days to detect which theme is currently being in use by a WordPress site. I see WP as a revolutionary tech which has helped many people to open barriers, and I would like to contribute of my own way to potentially help users to benefit from the information gathered by this tool. Although finding out WP themes is not that useful, it was a good start to get something up & running relatively fast. Featuring In regards to the app, I think it works fairly well with themes that have not been bundled yet with tools like webpack, parcel, browserify and the like. And it even recognizes child themes! How does it work? Well, as you probably have pictured, it just works by making a couple of requests to the pointed site. By parsing the HTML response, it then tries to find links or resources linking to a theme. How is the app deployed? The app is currently deployed on, still taking advantage of the free tier. If you ever need to prototype web services I highly recommend trying them out! Even with the free tier agreement, the support it just shines 🙂 Thanks, kube sailers! Please do note Please, keep in mind that this humble app is still under heavy development. New features, such as vulnerability detection (as wpscan may do), abandoned files, WP version, user enumeration or FPDs are yet to come. Links to resources: The app as is: The library it is based on: Contributing If you found any bug or weird behaviour, feel free to open up a new issue and describe it. I have just created a label [webapp] to tag bugs comming from the web app (which might not necessarily affect the poking library, wpoke). Thanks in advance! – by hq overview sonirico – –

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