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  • Just ordered proof copies of my first book (publisher)

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  • Christine

    October 28, 2019 at 12:17 am

    Hi all, I run an Independent Publishing Company called De Novo Press. We operate just like a traditional publisher, but we focus on new authors. We don’t have a specific niche or genre yet, as we’re still in start up mode. We’re also set to release a certain type of app at the start of the year. I started the company about a year ago in part due to the fantastic writing I read on sites like hq overview written by average people who maybe have never considered publishing. I had experience starting a previous business, so used that knowledge to start something I was passionate about. I work full time as a corporate sales manager/trainer and have a one year old (as of last week!) Son. My wife was super supportive, but definitely thought I was crazy for starting a book publishing company right when our son was born. It’s completely self funded from my day job, so I’ve not had to take out loans. All that to say, tonight I ordered the first proof copies for the first novel I accepted to take on. After almost a year of work, lack of motivation, stress, and sleepless nights- I really feel like I’ve done something. I’ve gotten a lot of motivation and knowledge from this sub, so if anyone is struggling to start or continue with something: Just keep at it- there are hard days, weeks, and months but if you don’t give up or give in (no matter how easy it would make things!), you can definitely accomplish what you set out to do. – by hq overview De_Novo_Press – –

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