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  • BusinessMag

    May 26, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    I’m taking the step I should have took a decade ago: Stepping over to VPS’s to manage my own servers (for LAMP). I’ve had it with shared hosting. For you who do it already I have a bunch of questions: — How do you offer mail, is there a good service that allows multiple mailboxes? I like fastmail, but you have to pay per person, and their standard package ($5) is the smallest package for custom domains. — Do you run one site per VPS? — If you run more sites on one server, do you isolate the sites from each other? I just started looking into PHP-FPM, seems not so difficult. — What other security measures should I take? Except individual accounts, individual accounts for mariadb? — I had mod_security causing trouble in the past. It catches uneccesary form data. Is a necessary module you think? — How do you monitor overload, how can you tell what site is causing trouble? — How do you charge for it?? Per hour for the maintenance or fixed costs? ​ Curious what others think of this, thanks! – by /hq/krong – –

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