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  • Leaderboard app for runners, dating app for math lovers & more ideas for solopreneurs

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  • Margaret

    December 6, 2021 at 1:13 pm

    I don’t want to waste anyone’s time here, I’m just going to list 10 AI-generated app/tech ideas below and cite the source (my side-project). I hope some of you in this sub will find value in some of them! 1. A leaderboard & socializing app for runners. See who the best runners are around your neighborhood. 2. A new type of online chat game where you get randomly matched with either an AI or a real person. You get points if you can guess right whether you had a conversation with a stranger or an AI. 3. A dating app for math lovers where you can only message the other person if you solve the equation they previously defined. 4. InspireWall: a site where people can share their stories, dreams, and inspirations. 5. A platform for aspiring actors to show off their acting and get discovered, similar to TikTok but more focused on auditions & scenes. 6. A mail service that uses AI and gives you a summary of today’s unread emails in the morning. 7. GiftSwapp: a platform where you can send items that you no longer need and in return, you get a random item from someone else they don’t need. 8. A new type of social network based on the idea of a diary, both in design and functionality. 9. A website that recommends various things based on your previous choices/favorites. E.g it recommends you podcasts based on your previous podcast choices. 10. A website that allows people to upload their medical records and an AI simplifies it. – by /hq/creative_octopus – –

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