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  • Looking for a smarter way to retrieve data / need to create a plugin ?

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  • Deborah

    October 31, 2019 at 3:32 am

    Hi everyone, ​ A little update on the current situation to make it a little clearer : I am currently in an intership as the “digital guy” in a company, so I manage the web site (SEO and content), create visuals (photoshop, illustrator) and lot of things else (because at school we learn all of these, I like code (learn by myself)) and I want to optimize my script. On the web site (wordpress), my boss ask me to create a page where customers can simulate the price of our service according to several variables. There is two inputs type range and results are show in four div. My script works, no bug everything fine. But I want to optimize the way that the price is collect. In my script, I create an object with 4 propreties (which contain all price in an array). The script get the results and show them in all results’ div depending of input value. Every thing works but if prices changes (they will), I have to go inside my script and change them manually. I can, but at the end of my intership, that will be a problem if my replacement has no JS knowledge. I agree, this is not the smartest way but it works, now I’m in the improvement phase 😉 ​ Someone in r/learnjavascript tells me to create a plugin which gives a user interface in the backoffice. I am quit excited about this solution, can you guys tell me if it is a good one or may be if there is a better one ? And if I want to create a plugin, how can I get the data from it, I mean wich format / language ? – by hq overview gh0st_Fr – –

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