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  • Looking for feedback on Keyboard Stand : MusicBattlestations

     Deborah updated 2 years, 9 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Deborah

    December 26, 2019 at 10:00 am

    I made a similar post over on -keys.

    The company I own manufactures 1 model of keyboard stand and I am looking for feedback so I can improve it or add new models. I am not here to sell anything and am a long time redditor but didn’t want to use my personal account to post this. You can see an image of our stand here. Below are some of the details corresponding to the numbers in the image:

    Recent upgrades I just made to the stand:

    1. We added strap locks to this model. The straps connect to the bottom of the keyboard via a knob which means they can easily be removed. The straps were made extra long to make sure they could reach on larger keyboards. This is a brand new feature as of last month and I do not have nay positive or negative feedback on it yet.

    2. We added a headphone holder. Once again this is secured using a small knob and can be removed if needed. This update was also added last month.

    3. This model comes with wheels (also comes with feet) and we upgraded from old office chair style wheels to the new ball bearing swivel wheels. All 4 of these wheels have locks. They can be swapped out for included feet. I have seen that gigging musicians don’t care about wheels much but most customers with home studios love the wheels.

    4. We include some non slip pads but I am honestly not too excited about them and looking to upgrade.

    5. When I first launched this item it required an allen wrench to put it together. Some customers said it was a pain in the ass when gigging in a dark place so I updated to butterfly knobs.

    6. The knobs to adjust the stand height and width are spring loaded and very easy to use. You just tug on the knob and can adjust the height/length very easily.

    I have had very little negative feedback on this stand but as a small business owner, my goal is to make the best damn stand I can. I see a lot of well known companies skimp on quality but sell for double or triple the price of ours and my goal is to completely blow customers away. Our main market seems to be customers with home studios and customers that play keyboard at home. Gigging musicians seem to be a much smaller market.

    Below are a couple ideas I have:

    1. The stand does break down into 3 parts that can be carried but I am considering including a carrying case with 3 inner compartments to keep the 3 pieces in order. Since a small customer base actually uses this for gigs, it may not be used for home studios.

    2. 2nd tier – I have had multiple customers request a 2nd tier but most of the styles on the market are trash so I am looking for a way to engineer one without sacrificing quality. Not only may it hold a 2nd keyboard but I would also want it to work for studio work (mixer, laptop, etc). Are there any 2nd tier attachments you guys absolutely love?

    3. Mic holder attachment – This would most likely plug in the end piece on top and be an optional add on.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Every single upgrade I have made to our stand is because a customer reached out to us. This is currently the only product I manufacture in the home studio category but I am open to any suggestions of products you wish existed but are not in the market.

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