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  • Christine

    September 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Hey! I hope everyone is doing awesome on this amazing Tuesday! I hope everyone got to enjoy their long weekend! I’m here to hopefully find some people who are interested in working on social media and learning how to use and monitize it well! Who am I? No one really. I started on IG at the start of this year, and got pretty into it! Grew my first theme page to 22k, grew another to 10k, and a few to lower amounts. I also started doing social media for local companies so I currently run the socials for two local stores. So what am I looking for? Well I want to do more with social. I really want to create awesome content, and create a business through that. I have some knowledge about how to do this, however things are always easier when there are several minds thinking about a problem, so I want to find people who are also passionate about learning about social media, sharing their knowledge, and want to try and create something cool on social media. I should make it clear, this isn’t a job, were not gonna get paid for a while if ever, who knows how this will go. The reason this is worth doing is for learning, for becoming better at something, and learning from others. Use this time to truly learn social media with me and then making money should be do able in the future. If you are interested you can send me a DM or comment and I’ll message you! We can talk and Skype or discord and discuss what we want to do in the social media world. I can also give the @s to my pages just so you can see what I have done. Have an amazing rest of your day and I look forward from hopefully hearing from you all soon! – by hq overview ItsFlicker – –

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