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  • BusinessMag

    October 29, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Hey everyone, so I’ve had some questions that I couldn’t find a good answer to online and decided to ask the pros here. I’ve been working in IT and Programming for quite a while, and I’ve always been interested in making apps and websites. I’ve made my own in the past for small businesses that I had using services like Wix or Shopify, but these are easy and take zero to little effort. My question is, how do you get into the REAL Webdev. If say, I want to start a business providing awesome looking websites to customers, whether be it for individuals, small business, corporations…etc. For those who do this or have done this, where do you start? What services do you use? Do you host your own servers at home/office/DC or do you usually setup your customers with an account on a hosting website (hostgator, godaddy..etc). Do you use WordPress? A lot of people say is outdated but it seems like most web developers I know use wordpress to deliver their websites because wordpress being free combined with cheap hosting is basically peanuts. I’d like to hear you guys’ opinion on this too. What tools do you use to develop? I use Sublime text because that’s what I also use for Python, but I’ve just downloaded VSCode as recommended by my instructor. I’m going through a course right now for mastery in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. What do you recommend I learn or do more to further my learning. I would really love to hear you guys’ experience in doing this, and possibly an outline on where to start and what tools and websites you recommend 🙂 I’m lacking direction and looking for the holy grail – by /hq/Ev1lC4t – –

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