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Forums Forums Business Looking into buying a soccer retail franchise or opening a small soccer shop.

  • Looking into buying a soccer retail franchise or opening a small soccer shop.

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  • Katie

    January 28, 2020 at 10:33 am

    I live in a very wealthy area with a brand new, enormous, state of the art soccer complex smack dab in the center of it. There are year round regional and national tournaments, and it is the home of a large local soccer organization that is affiliated with the Seattle Sounders. There is ONE dedicated soccer retail store within a 30 mile radius of the complex and it is a good 20 minute drive. That store has been around for decades and has zero competition and does well even though it is in an unconventional part of the nearby city for a soccer store. Basically it’s an institution at this point and survives solely due to lack of competition. The area has become a hotbed for soccer and the sport is growing exponentially in popularity here. The local university (15 minutes from the complex) is routinely ranked #1 in the NCAA D-1 polls and sells out most home games. The larger city an hour south of us just won a bid for an MLS team this winter and Barcelona FC recently opened a youth academy there as well. The Capital city an hour and half East of us routinely hosts USMNT, USWNT, Men’s and Women’s NCAA and ACC Tournament Championships at their soccer facility. The complex here sits directly on I-40 (the fields literally sit just below it) which is the main East/west passageway through our region passing through almost every major city for hundreds of miles. The two small towns on either side of the complex had an average household income of 70k and 100k respectively and the vast majority of graduates from the local ACC University that remain in the area live in those two communities. There are MULTIPLE PRIME retail spaces for rent along the thoroughfare that the complex sits directly on and even more on an even busier passageway that runs parallel to that road. Basically, the location and the demographic is perfect. I personally don’t have many liquid assets available to me right now but I am a soccer nut, and it has been my dream for as long as I can remember to own my own soccer shop. I’m new to this area and it just recently dawned on me when I was at the local grocery store with literally 100 kids in soccer cleats and jerseys running around me that there is no reason this area couldn’t support a thriving soccer shop. There are a few soccer store franchises out there that I have found, and I’ve even considered reaching out to the owners of the old store down the road to see if they would sell their naming rights to me. I have a good job that pays my mortgage and keeps my wife and dog very comfortable living in this nice town but we recently bought a house and that ate a lot of our savings up. I basically have no personal capital to throw towards this at the present time. Knowing all of this and taking into consideration my passion and the potential need to act decisively before someone else realizes this need, are there any suggestions you guys may have for me? First steps to take, questions to ask, people to talk to? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it was worth my time sending out this feeler! – by /hq/zqglass – –

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