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  • making the leap from self taught to finding a job

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  • Maverick

    October 29, 2019 at 1:47 am

    A very brief backstory: majored in a useless arts degree, came to Asia to teach, very sick of that & ready to move on, started to learn code and realized I love it, been self teaching and plan to start my job search in Spring. I know this is something I could google but there’s SO much out there and 95% of it is from people who actually have bootcamp under their belt and aren’t actually self taught. I can not afford bootcamp and already have so much debt that it is 100% not an option. I feel very overwhelmed by the job search process. I’ve done some job searching now and then just to see what’s out there but first of all, in my home state (Kentucky), there’s literally nothing (unless I’m doing something wrong in this search) so I suspect that I will have to relocate which, financially, makes the leap even MORE overwhelming than it already was. Anyone who is 100% self taught and has tips about how to look for a job, applying, what sites to use for the search, what to put in a cover letter when you have zero experience, etc… I’d appreciate it so greatly. I do have a portfolio in the making and my own site. *Notes: I’m front-end, with a heavy passion for advanced CSS and making things look pretty and organized. Nowadays it seems like there’s way more fullstack opps, I really don’t like backend. By by the time I start applying in May I will have Javascript, React, NodeJS and possibly a little bit of PHP. – by hq overview bendido – –

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