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  • FrederickDanzoy

    November 22, 2019 at 7:24 am

    Graduated from college 6 months ago with a degree in marketing and was super interested in consumer behavior as well as data. So I ended up as an analyst at a market research agency down the road from where I took classes, a week after graduation. For that, I am VERY lucky. I am in the Midwest and my main client is a leading North American retailer. We handle continuous quantitative communications tracking, so my week is full of daily tasks to make sure we are keeping that running efficiently with all the concurrent advertisements and campaigns. On top of that, I also do preliminary report writing, as well as data/survey checks and ad-hoc charting. Plus more work on other clients when I have the space. I am getting to the point where I am pretty stressed out, and sad, most of the time about my job. It 80% ‘head-down’ work, and there seems to be so much of it. Often times I find myself in the office for a long time, or having to log in at nights/on the weekends. I am a very social person and it’s as if most of the office isn’t talking all day. I’m just in my head. I am also having troubles with my team and it feels like I am always doing something wrong, when usually it is just misunderstanding or lack of knowledge. I love marketing. I love the thinking behind it, and I love diving in to strategy and insights. I’m lucky to be working where I am, but at what point does it get better? I can’t do this forever and need to be interactive and working with others, not just on my computer all day. Anyone have career advice for a young guy like myself so I can step off the ledge? I see myself in the field – but sometimes I am jealous of my other friend’s jobs and don’t know what to think about the future. – by /hq/_RETLAW – –

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